Making a splash in








Join us as we dive into an evening of excitement and fun!

Splash out in the exclusive Leisure Pool for up to 75 swimmers, or whoosh down the Superslide and Tyre Ride flumes, or try out the Aqua Whizz and Surf flumes. Also included is a wave machine, jacuzzis and more, inclusive of fully trained lifeguards.

book your place in the pool

please make sure you have read the faqs below before registering.
Only one person can register at a time. payment is £10 per person.

Uh-oh! The pool is too full... The limit for registration has been reached.

frequently asked questions

When is it?

19 January 2019,
7.30 – 9PM

where is it located?

Guildford Spectrum,

what's the age limit?

One adult to every 3 children under the age of 9 must be present in the water for pool hire.
Girls aged 6 years or under.

are sisters allowed to come?

This is a brothers bonding event with their children only.

What kit shall i bring?

Please bring a swimming suit that is not too tight, and covers from the belly button to the knees. 
Accesories such as goggles are allowed.

how can i book?

If you would like to come, then please fill in form for each individual.  Confirmation is by payment to the FC account of £10 per person. This payment is non-refundable – all profits going back into the work.  We will then confirm within one week. It is strictly on first come and first serve basis.

are there any regulations?
  1. One adult to every 3 children under the age of 9 must be present in the water for pool hire.
  2. Lifeguards should be notified in advance of any children with medical conditions (e.g
    asthma, muscle injuries or heart problems)
  3. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the hire start time to allow time to change
  4. Booking is solely based on first come first serve basis on the invitation list drawn by the FC team. Please do not forward.
  5. Children should change in the Leisure Pool changing area where you will find lockers available that are £1 and are refundable.
  6. Please may we remind you that additional food items can not be brought into the building unless purchased from the catering outlets on site.
who are friday circle?

Friday Circle is a local community organisation, aiming to inspire every Muslim in South London to take up their unique role in reviving the principles of Islam in wider society following the example of the Prophet (SAW) and his companions.